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Keep Your HP Designjet Operating Smoothly

For application with Hp Designjet models: 500, 800, T2300, T770, Z6100, 1050C, Z3100, Z3200, T7100, T7200, 5000, Z6100, Z6200, Z6600, T2300, and T1120.

For Those of you that are “do it yourself” types, the following are preventive steps that can be taken to keep your HP Designjet printer operating smoothly:

  1. Apply alcohol to lint free cloth then clean carriage rail. (the two rails that run the length of the printer)
  2. Apply synthetic oil to lint free cloth then lubricate carriage rail.
    • WARNING: Be careful when working around the Encoder strip, as the edges are very sharp and can cause injury.
  3. Slide the carriage manually back and forth several times to evenly spread the lubrication across the entire carriage rail.

Periodically cleaning and lubricating the carriage rails will keep your Hp Designjet operating smoothly.


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