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Fix HP Printer Error 13.20.00 in HP 4250

This will explain how to fix the 13.20.00 jam in tray 2 error upon powering up your HP 4250.

Begin by removing the paper tray and your toner cartridge just to be safe. After doing this you will need a piece of cardboard about the width of a piece of paper. The cardboard acts as a sturdy object to push past the realignment rollers. Using both hands carefully feed the cardboard through the slots shown in the picture below: 

HP 4250 Repair

When you can see the cardboard exiting from the top cavity you can stop. Slowly remove the cardboard from the bottom cavity of the printer. After this is done, put the cartridge and paper tray back in the printer and restart the device. Upon powering on your problem should be resolved.

If this solution did not resolve your problem then you may need a service technician to look at your device.

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