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How to Fix Paper Jam Problems

For application with HP Laserjet Models: p4014, p4015, and p4515.

Paper jams are typically caused by bald rollers. Rollers that need to be replaced will have a shiny look and feel very smooth to the touch as opposed to being non-slip rubber.

In order to replace the rollers:

  1. Remove tray 2 (the bottom tray) and lift the flap near the front of the paper tray. Under the flap you will see a roller. The roller can be removed by pinching the tab near the end and sliding it off of the metal rod. Check and replace the roller if necessary.
  2. Locate the cavity from removing tray 2. Another roller is located on the underside of the printer. Feel around until you come in contact with the roller, then pinch and remove it like the previous.

If replacing the pickup rollers did not resolve your jam problem then continue with the steps below.

Refer to this image for the steps:


  1. Using a phillips head screwdriver remove the screw. After removing the screw slide the locking plate towards the left and off of the rod holding it.
  2. Now remove the plate covering the rollers. This will expose the underlying rollers and gears. Replace the two separation rollers and the pickup roller (three in total). Carefully reinstall the plate that was originally covering the rollers because  there is a small hole that has to be threaded on securely.
  3. Put the locking plate back on and screw it in to place.

This should resolve the recurring paper jam problem you are experiencing. If this does not fix your problem then you will need a service technician to troubleshoot your machine.

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