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How to Change HP 4200 & 4300 Series Fuser and Pickup Rollers

Replacing the Rollers

Begin by removing the paper drawer. The first roller we will replace is located along the front edge of the drawer. Near the roller, there is a plastic flap that must be pushed back and out of the way. Grab the roller by the plastic tab and slide it off the metal support rod. To install the new roller make sure that you have it lined up properly. The roller will snap into place when it is installed. The next roller is located in the cavity where the paper tray goes. This roller may be hard to see, but it is located on the underside of the cavity near the left-front side of the printer. Again, make sure to push down the plastic tab and slide off the roller. Push the new roller on and make sure it snaps into place.

Replacing the Fuser

Turn the printer around so that you are facing the back cover. Begin by opening the back cover. On the left side you’ll see a finger trace to remove the back cover. Now locate the two blue tabs. Pinch the tabs and pull the fuser towards you. To install your new fuser, slide it into the empty cavity until you hear it snap into place.

Replacing these parts will keep your printer running smoothly!

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